June 24-27, 2019: 

Welcome to Grace Lutheran’s VBS registration page. Below you will see the whole weeks sessions.

How To Register:

  1. Browse our catalog of available VBS events throughout the week.

  2. Please select which events you would like your child to participate in.

  3. After clicking the SIGN UP button, a small form will pop up that asks for the name of the child you are signing up for that event along with a quick acknowledgement checkbox. After completing the form, click SIGN UP and that event will be added to your cart.

  4. After you have browsed through and added all the events you would like your child to participate in for the ENTIRE week, please head over to your cart by clicking the cart button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

  5. Please review your order. If everything looks good, click the CHECKOUT button. This will take you to the checkout page on our website.

  6. Here you will be asked for basic order information and registration information along with shirt sizes, allergies, and emergency contact info.

    1. Each child will receive a FREE t-shirt and music CD with their registration. Please make sure to tell us all the shirt sizes you need for each child you are registering for this year’s VBS.

  7. SPECIAL NOTE: There is no cost to attend VBS at Grace Lutheran Church. When asked for the payment details at checkout, PLEASE CLICK CONTINUE. This will bypass the payment section and will not require you to enter any payment information. Also, please disregard the note at the top of the page that says the Checkout is closed. This is a message that will not effect your registration.

  8. After clicking past the payment info, Review your order and click the PURCHASE button. You will then be greeted with a complete message and your child will be successfully registered for VBS.

If you have any questions please contact us here with any questions:

Call our office:


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Wednesday - Session 1:

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