Our History

Grace Lutheran began officially on Nov. 8, 1992, after a two year process of meetings with a Mission Action Committee under the leadership of Pastor Dave Davis from Spring Lake and Pastor Glenn Shelton from Ferrysburg.

Grace began worship at Grandma G's restaurant before moving its worship services to Coopersville High School Auditorium on Jan. 5, 1992.

Church Planters Art & Marj Reich formed neighborhood Bible studies and organized the first families for mission and ministry.

The next two years Grace was served by vicar Nathan Bickel and retired pastor Vern Schwartz.

On January 9, 1994, Pastor Joel Hoyer was installed as the first pastor for Grace.  A loan from the Michigan District Church Extension Fund enabled Grace to purchase 15 acres of land at 300 E. Cleveland on September 30, 1994.   A building committee was formed in September, '96.  They developed plans for a 14,400 sq. ft. worship center after lengthy research and input from the congregation and community.  On December 3, 2000 we were privileged to dedicate our house of worship to the glory of God and to the great task of making more and better disciples for Jesus.  Grace continues to experience steady growth as we reach out to a large unchurched element in the growing Coopersville area.