Facility and Property Use Form

Grace Lutheran reserves the right to deny the use of our facilities to any organization or group.

Building Use Fees



Building Usage Fee

Building fee if used for profit

-Janitorial Service Fee

Refundable Deposit*† 















The above fees are each time you use the facility for whatever time that was asked.

*If building is not properly cleaned after event the Deposit will be withheld to cover cost of cleanup.

†Deposit check will be held until after event and appropriate approval is given. Original check will then be returned to the renter.

Members and Non-members will be required to make a deposit and sign a property usage agreement for weddings and banquets and any other events. Any misuse of facility could result in forfeiture of deposit and further privileges in the future pertaining to usage.

**Any other fees that could come up in events such as weddings will be determined by Grace Lutherans representing parties and is subject to their discretion.


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The membership of Grace welcomes the chance to provide usage of the building to members and the surrounding community for activities that fit in conjunction with our mission. The following policies are provided not as a deterrent from use but as a guide to help everyone interested get the most out of their usage of the building.

  1. Arrangements should be made at least 2 weeks prior to planned activity, and a signed authorization form on file with the church secretary. This allows time to resolve any scheduling conflict or other unforeseen problems and scheduled on the Activity calendar.

  2. The building must be vacated by 11:00 p.m. and left in the same condition that you found it prior to use.

  3. A walk through should be made with the Church Secretary or Committee member prior to use to go over any questions or potential issues that could arise. (If the secretary is not available, please see Terry Van Dyke to assist with building use needs.)


  1. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on the premises at any time.

  2. No smoking will be allowed in the facility to maintain our smoke free environment.

  3. Regularly scheduled church activities will take precedence over any other event not on the church usage activity calendar.

  4. Any and all damages will be the responsibility of the person or group using the facility.

  5. Decorations can be used, but only with masking tape or poster putty for adhesives. (NO SCOTCH TAPE, TACKS, NAILS OR PINS UNLESS APPROVED BY BOARD.)

  6. Tables used for any event need to be returned to their original location promptly after the event.

  7. Only rooms scheduled should be used during the event.

  8. Tables must be signed out by members only. Member is responsible for any damage to tables.

  9. Person or Persons who signed building use form must be present during event.

Grace Lutheran Building Clean Up Requirements

If you open it - close it

If you get it out - put it away

If you drop it - pick it up

If it's not yours - ask permission to use it

If you break it - admit it and make it right

If you spill it - clean it up


  • Clean and put away any dishes used

  • Wipe of counters

  • Empty trash

  • Sweep floor

  • Spot mop if needed


Classrooms & Nursery

  • Empty trash if needed

  • Wipe tables if used

  • Vacuum if needed

  • Pick up toys if used


  • Empty trash

  • Dust mop floor

  • Spot mop if needed

  • Wipe off tables if used

  • Make sure tables and chairs are put back as you found them


  • Check diaper pail and empty if needed

  • Make sure toilets are flushed

  • Wipe counters if needed


For all individuals or groups using the church – make sure that if you move any furniture that it gets put back as you found it.

Thank you!